Bucinskas Feeling The Pain


Edgaras Bucinskas just experienced that feeling all poker players have suffered from time to time. He was beaten for a critical pot by a long shot and it always hurts…

Holding T-3, he was on the turn of an As 3d 3h Kh board and went to war with his neighbour’s Ac Jc.

Only two cards could prevent his victory but the Ah on the river was one of those – his opponent immediately apologising as he swept up the 45,000 pot.

“You had like… 5%, it’s a lot!” joked Bucinskas ruefully as he looked at his stack, which was now down to 7,000. Meanwhile Johan Palokangas, has been enjoying his poker evening with the assistance of a beverage or two and piped up confidently, “You have chips now….I will take them” before promptly losing a pot after calling a 3-bet with K-Q suited, checking two streets of a T-T- x-J-x board and bluffing 7,000 on the brick river, only to get called by aces. “Nice hand,” he said, his newly chipped up adversary barely concealing a grin.


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