Bubble Bursts! Rosa Out!

Always a dramatic moment in any tournament, the bubble period has come and gone and it was mercifully brief for those shortstacks sweating and chewing their nails.

Jorge Rosa was the unfortunate man who took the unwanted title of bubble boy, making an understandable call in the big blind with A-Q for twenty big blinds – finding himself up against an equally-understandable A-3 shove from Andreas Olympios in the small blind.

Unfortunately for Rosa a three arrived on the flop of the 7-7-3-4-J board to send him away just outside the payouts.

Not great news obviously, but better news comes in the form that Mr Rosa will win a seat for Tallinn to soothe his pain.


Everyone’s happy then. Congratulations all! The rest of the players will all get a minimum of £1,100. There’s around 15 minutes left till the end of the level, at which point they’ll break for dinner.

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