Bubble Bursts! Drakakis Burned...

Jari Hurri was dismissed just prior to the bubble – his Ac Tc losing out to pocket eights, despite the highly promising Ts 8c 6c flop. The 2d and 9d on turn and river meant Hurri fell agonisingly short of the money spots but this left us on the actual bubble.

A few hands played before it finally burst – Georgios Drakakis folding down to less than one big blind before reluctantly calling all his chips off with pocket queens.

Cintula in the big blind didn’t have to do anything to call this bet as his blind already covered it! The other tables played out their hands and then all focus was on this table.

Pocket queens for Drakakis, A-T for Cintula.

Drakkakis gets his coat in time-honoured tradition

Drakakis seemed pessimistic about his chances. “I’m going to get a bad beat on the bubble…” before adding wistfully, “…I had a big stack once….”

His pessimism proved accurate. The board came As 8s 2c Ad 9s and Drakakis’ tournament was finished outside the money. He lumbered off sadly before getting the welcome news he would given free entry to the next MPNPT event in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria! A smile broke across his face as the rest of the room applauded each other for making the money. Everyone was happy! A beautiful sight…

With that momentous point of the tournament dealt with, the players were given a 15 minute break. We’ll be back shortly.

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