Brutal KO for Tanel

Evert Tanel has just seen his tournament hopes expire – and a cruel moment it was too.

Holding pocket sixes he must have been delighted to see a board of 6d 3c 4s peel off, and even more delighted to pick up action from Fabio Montanari.

The two players went to war on the flop, the pair of them all-in, Montanari turning up pocket tens at showdown. He was a huge dog to take down this large pot, but the Tc spiked on the turn to reverse the equity advantage.

A crucial card, and with just one out left, Tanel failed to see the required card arrive on the river – close, but the 5s was one pip short.

He took the beat with good grace, rising up from his seat without a murmur of complaint and leaving the table.

Montanari meanwhile has perhaps the largest stack in the tournament with close to 70,000.

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