Breaking the Bank

Jussi Mattila – approx. 12 rebuys, not a credit card in sight

Congratulations, everybody! We’re now at a whopping 407 entries for Day 1b, and the enthusiasm for the unlimited rebuy format (Jussi Mattila, we’re looking at you particularly) has been so overwhelming that the ATM in the hotel has run out of cash. Yup, so much cash has now made its way into the tournament kitty that there is literally none left for anybody else. We would like to apologise to the regulars at the casino and all the attendees of the various conferences etc being hosted at the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel this weekend for the inconvenience – you will have to find another cash machine somewhere if you want to make any purchases that you can’t expense to your rooms.

Actually, such is the continued eagerness of the newly busted to buy in again immediately that some of our players have had to go find regular cashpoints elsewhere as well, and there have been several instances reported of players holding up the queue while they count out the required €550 in tattered old tens and twenties rather than the preferred single €500 and €50 note.

MPNPT players: we salute you.

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