Break Chips

Four players remain in the hunt for the main event title – here’s how they are lined up at the break.

Seat Name Chip Count
1 Alex Clark OUT – 5th
2 Daniel Stacey OUT – 7th
3 Jari-Pekka Rattya 3,090,000
4 Mateusz Warowiec 4,950,000
5 Martin Mulsow OUT – 8th
6 Marko Keskel 870,000
7 Jason Poelman OUT – 9th
8 Andrai Lazar 3,020,000
9 Vilem Vrana OUT – 6th

Mateusz Warowiec has moved into the chip-lead, winning a huge pot off Lazar just before the break – raising with kings and getting a call from Lazar with KcJc. A jack-high flop was all the encouragement Lazar needed to put the rest of his chips in and he duly did so when Warowiec c-bet, check-raising all-in.

Snap from the Pole, and the board bricked out to leave him with the chip lead. Great patience and determination from Warowiec to catch out the unpredictable Lazar. No dancing from the Russian following that hand – the players now take a break. We’ll be back in 15 minutes.

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