Brake Time

Counts for our remaining 18 chip warriors:

Serghei Lisii Russia 15,000,000
Shaun De Cesare Italy 12,400,000
Valerii Firstenko Malta 12,400,000
Josef Gulas Greece 12,100,000
Steven Van Zadelhoff
Czech Republic
Vincenzo Pinna Italy 8,600,000
Flavio Laudani Denmark 7,000,000
Lars Larsson Ireland 6,600,000
Leo Worthington-Leese Spain 5,700,000
Gabriele Re Germany 5,600,000
Byungwook Ahn Italy 4,600,000
Colum Higgins Italy 32Red 4,200,000
Christian Cipriano Italy 3,900,000
Terje Humio Brenseth Italy 3,400,000
Bruno Massimo 2,700,000
Rune Moerk 2,600,000
Antonio Alba Poland 2,600,000
Abraham Faraj 2,200,000

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