Bowing Out - Jonathan Bowers Busts in 11th Place (€2,500)

Jonathan Bowers, overall chip leader at the start of Day 2 and big stack throughout much of today, has succumbed in 11th, just shy of the final table.

Reduced to a short stack by now, he pushed with Ac-Qd and got a call from Cihan Eren holding Ts-Tc. A paint-free board reading 9d Kd 4c 2d 8c rolled out, sending Bowers crashing to the rail in 11th. Eren meanwhile is up to 1.5 million.

Players are on a 10 minute break now – the original plan was to play 10 levels today, which we have done already, but seeing as we only need to lose one more player before we reach a final table, our new plan is to keep going until we get down to nine.

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