Bowers Slides Down Leaderboard

It’s been an almost flawlessly executed day for Jonathan Bowers….up to the last hour.

Suddenly his moves aren’t working out and he’s losing flips, and as a result he’s in trouble, transformed from big stack to “In-the-dangerzone” stack.

The biggest hand of note saw him tangle preflop with Eren Cihan – the pair heads-up to a board of Qh Ks Jd.

Bowers checked to the in-position Cihan who bet out 31,000. Bowers now check-raised to 85,000. Call from Cihan.

The turn was the Jc – the board looking ever more threatening. Bowers continued the aggression, firing out 135,000 this time. Cihan had a little think. Then called again.

The river was a brick 3h. Bowers thought it over for around 1 minute before quietly announcing “All-in.” Cihan, with 542,000 back and his tournament life on the line considered his action for a good while, talking through the various possibilities to himself.

“Ace-ten maybe?” he queried. He had a good long think. Then made the call. Bowers scowled slightly – all the confirmation Cihan needed to know that his J-T for turned trips was good. Cihan looked pumped at this. He swept up the chips and Bowers was dealt a big blow – down to 600,000. Once Cihan had stacked his new booty, he had close to 1,500,000. Changes were afoot.

Next up Bowers peeled a raise from Tuomas Kalvinmaki before Daniel Jacobsen(pictured) jammed all-in for his 260,000 stack.

Kalvinmaki folded but Bowers made the call with As Js and he was flipping versus Jacobsen’s 5h 5d.

The suits proved crucial.

Although Bowers hit an ace on the 9d Th 7h Ah board, the final 9h gave Jacobsen a winning flush and he took down a 650,000 pot of his own. Fist-pumps from Jacobsen. He was pleased as punch.

Bower meanwhile was down to 340,000 and slumming it with the shortstacks for perhaps the first time today. Can he recover his earlier momentum and put this bad patch behind him?


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