Boatman Can't Dodge Bullets

Barny Boatman is sharing one of the tougher tables, the 2013 WSOP bracelet winner having been drawn with Daiva Byrne (28k) and 2018 MPNPT Bratislava winner Alex Hendriks (27k).

We just saw him play out a three-way pot with around 6k in the middle preflop – Boatman check called 1,500 on the Jh7h4d board.

The Kc on the turn saw both players check before Boatman fired out a smallish bet of 2,200 on the queen river. His opponent called – Boatman showing down Kh5h for a turned top pair. However it was not good enough to best pocket aces which is what he was shown.

Boatman has experience in spades (and probably hearts, diamonds and clubs) and looked unruffled as he conceded the pot and fidgeted with his stack. It’s tiny in size, consisting of just eight chips, but as six of them are 5k’s – he’s under no pressure with 32,000 to his name.

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