Bo Collecta'

Bo Le has just won a monster pot and he might have been a little surprised to have taken it down.

We joined the action postflop, just after Lee Millar had moved all-in – Le and Declan McDonnell both made the call.

The active pair checked down the Th 6c 6h 2d 7d board, Le cautiously turning over As Jh for ace-high, which turned out to be the best hand, McDonnell tabling K-Q and Millar consigned to the rail – his brave jam with K-8 failing to yield a return.

That hand sees Le, who is playing his second bullet, rise to 105,000! Congratulations and it just goes to prove the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try and spin up another buy-in into a monsterstakken.” (*)

(*) Slight poetic license taken with the phraseology here.

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