Big Stacks at the Last Break

These are the biggest stacks in the room as we enter the final two-level session of Day 1b. Our current chip leader is Kasper Mellanen from Turku, who we understand is on at least his second bullet today, and got a big chunk of that stack in a flush-and-straight-draw-versus-flopped-set encounter against another Finnish player for a 160k pot (thanks to roving reporter Juhani Tyrisevä for that!).

Kasper Mellanen 242,000
Bruce Shannon 215,000
Jan Ceska 187,000
Pekka Ikonen 168,000
Milan Rusnak 160,000
Uku Valner 156,000
Kalle Suvi 142,000
Igor Kubarev 135,000
Marko Keskel 135,000
Bakir Saranovic 120,000
Dennis Becher 120,000
Dan Vestin 118,000
Lennaert Joostens 110,000
Sebastian Gruszczynski 110,000
Andrei Antonenko 110,000

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