Big Stack Stranglehold - Dinner Arrives

Tomáš Pleticha has played his last hand of the main – jamming his shortstack into the middle with A-6, only to run into the dominating form of A-Q – and fail to spike a six over the 9d  2s  3h  Th  Tc  board.

Bad luck sir – you aren’t the first buster of the day and by jove you won’t be the last. 63 players remain now – the 47 cash spots just about coming into view in the distant horizon. There are some nervous shortstacks and paralysed medium stacks as we stand – if you have a big stack like Colin Guthrie though (>300,000) – it’s a great time to be alive. It’s time to lay the smack down, they’ll be accurately thinking…

And just like that, we have arrived at dinner. We’ll be back to see if a few brave souls can challenge the hegemony of these bully big stacks following a fortifying meal. See you soon!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Mateusz Moolhuizen was unlucky with his 3barrel bluff but what a hand it was to watch on the livestream!!

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