Big Cooler Fires Piik into Lead

Heads-up top pair is a great hand. Add in a strong kicker and it’s a monster. When you’re behind, this is a big cooler so it’s no surprise both players committed their stacks in the following ice-cold hand:

Liu raised to 550k on the button with KcQc and Piik made the call with Kh7s. The flop was destined for action:

Kd7c8d – wow.

Top pair, second kicker for Liu and two pair for Piik, we saw Liu fire out 675k, Piik raise to 2.6M and Liu shove for his whole stack, expecting to be good the majority of the time.

This was the minority however and the board ran out 4hXx to keep Piik’s advantage. Suddenly, for the first time on this final table, the previously impregnable Liu was at a chip disadvantage, down to 4.8M to Piik’s 12M. What a comeback from the Estonian, who’s played with great patience and reason throughout.

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