Big Bust Makes Pekka Massive

Huge hand! The tension is getting ratcheted up as the larger money spots approach. We felt a hand of this magnitude and drama warranted this eye-catching title.

Frederick Maher(pictured) and Pekka Ikonen were the main protagonists – both moving all-in preflop with dynamite holdings after what looked like a squeeze (but ultimate fold) from Yiannis Liperis. With Liperis out of the way, Maher and Ikonen turned over their hands and it was Maher who held the advantage – though Ikonen had him easily covered.

Frederick Maher: Ks Kd

Pekka Ikonen: Qc Qh

Maher looked tense with his tournament life on the line. As the dealer put the cards on the table, his fortunes appeared to have taken a big upswing as the board fell Kc Ac 5d to give him a set. He fist-pumped and said “yes” to himself quietly.

It wasn’t over yet however.

The risk of a backdoor draw was out there and when the 8c turned, suddenly his opponent had gained a huge chunk of equity to hang his hat on. Any club and Maher was done.

River….the 6c!

Maher looked shocked, Ikonen smiled at his fortune. As reality dawned on Maher, he bolted from the table, taking his frustration out on a nearby chair with a boot up its finely-upholstered rear.

Back at the table, the other players dissected the hand having watched this monster pot play out.

“He celebrated too soon! That’s a dangerous flop!” Ikonen meanwhile is up to just shy of 500,000 – close to the chip leaders.

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