BetBoo Whippersnapper Cleans Up in Cash Game Adventure

While players are filing into the card room (step it up, boys! You’re late!), we have an opportunity to fill you in on last night’s €30,000 Vienna Cash Game Adventure. Eight MPN players qualified online for this all-expenses-paid trip that culminated in six hours of live €10/€20 cash here at the Montesino. Players’ starting stacks ranged from €1,970 to €4,220, and their potential winnings were boosted by cash drops of between €50 and €250 added to the pot at the start of certain randomly chosen hands, the cash drop amounts being instantly added to the online accounts of said hands’ winners.

The Vienna Cash Game Adventure was dominated by BetBoo player Cem Ayhan, who eventually walked away with €11,400 as well as €700 in cash drop winnings. No-one was more surprised by this outcome than Ayhan himself, who at just 20 years old has a mere six months of poker experience under his proverbial belt. Delighted with his performance, Ayhan has wisely opted to spend a portion of his winnings on today’s supersat to the Main Event, so we may be witnessing the metaphorical birth of a poker monster here.

You can watch Ayhan’s performance from last night here.

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