Bergmann Still Leads

These were the biggest stacks at the break – Fredrik Bergmann is still in front, but the night is yet young! Level 10 just started, and we’ll be playing right through Level 14 tonight.

Fredrik Bergmann 141,000
Ozgur Leba 135,000
Lothar Kock 104,000
Roberto Juste Sanchez 100,000
Jan Sore Inerud 94,000
Andrey Lazar 94,000
Martin Mauthner 87,000
Mateusz Warowiec 84,000
Jakub Matusiak 82,000
Niko Wieland 75,000
Jussi Mattila 74,000
Radoslaw Mulczynski 73,000
Janne Siljamaeki 73,000
Mikhail Khromov 72,000
Andrei Mjagkov 70,000
Josef Snejberg 70,000

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