Benta Flushed Out in 12th (€17,000)

Sebastian Benta just played his last hand of the 2018 MPNPT @ Battle of Malta.

Holding [Qs][7s] he called a preflop raise from Thien-Duc Canevet (pictured) – the pair checking the [Jh][Jc][3s] flop.

Come the [4s] on the turn, Sebastian now cut out a 575,000 bet. Canevet called.

The [2s] on the river saw Sebastian bet around 1 million – Canevet asked for a count (around 3 million behind) then quietly announced all-in. Snap call from Benta who showed [Qs][7s] for a flush and looked very confident.

Not today. Canevet showed him [Jd][2d] for a full house and just like that we were down to 11 players! Canevet has chunks and chunks – up to almost 20 million now…

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