Ben Middleton finishes 2nd in MPNPT Vienna Main Event (€37,500)

It’s all over!

What has been a fiercely-contested heads up game has finally been settled and it is German Kilian Kramer who has dusted off his final rival Ben Middleton to take down the trophy and the plaudits.

Middleton had a chance to win the whole shebang outright when he raised up pocket jacks, Kramer looked down at Ah 7s and shoved and Middleton called quickly.

His eyes were on the trophy but Kramer kept his hopes alive by spiking an ace over the Ac Qs 3h 9h 4h board.

The battle continued – Kramer with an 8.5 million to 5 million chip lead…

A few more hands played out before the key hand saw Middleton move all-in from the button for 4.75 million with Ks Jh and Kramer call with Ac 5h.

A slim advantage for Kilian Kramer and the board of Th 5d 8s 7h 2c meant that the German had won the title!

It’s been a really outstanding tournament here in Vienna, culminating in a keenly-contested final between two very talented young poker players. Well done Kilian – the German was a picture of happiness as he collected his trophy and shook hands with his many well wishers. Meanwhile, let’s not forget Ben Middleton, who had several opportunities to win the title himself and will surely be a name we will hear more from in the future.

We’ll have a full re-cap of the tournament coming up shortly but for now, thanks for following our coverage on the blog those of you who have braved the early hours of Sunday morning. Thanks to the Montesino Casino staff who have been attentive, efficient and all round superstars with their excellent service, delicious food and boundless patience.

Vienna has been wonderful. We will back again soon. For now though, the sun has set on MPNPT VIenna. See you in Malta for the next one! Can it top Vienna? Start qualifying now to find out…


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