Battle of the Short Stacks

A three-way preflop showdown in Level 4? What treats! Although actually I’m not terribly sure how rewarding any of the three players involved found their experience. The cards looked like so:

Thomas Leeb: Ah-Kc
Marian Fridrich, one seat to Leeb’s left: Ad-Ac
Andreas Reichel in the small blind: Jd-Tc

Board: an upset-free 7h-Js-5d-8h-As

Reichel’s 11k or so was shipped across the table and divided between Fridrich, who’d won the hand, and Leeb, who got the side pot. Given that Fridrich’s triple up only netted him around 16k, and Leeb’s total holdings now comprise just 14k including the side pot, no-one looks terribly happy about any of this. In fact Reichel looked the cheeriest out of the three at the end of the hand – with no stack left at all, he’s now free to either rebuy and start again from scratch, or sack off the whole thing and head downstairs to the bowling alley for the player party, due to start in around an hour’s time.

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