Battle of the Kings!

Three-handed perhaps most of the interesting pots are taking place between Kramer and Middleton – both players clearly very keen to probe each other’s weaknesses – and there don’t seem to be many in either’s arsenal.

Chmieliauskas seems to be the tightest of the three players but he was loving the situation moments ago when he found Kh Ks and raised the button, only for Middleton to three-bet for 900,000 from the small blind.

Kramer folded his big blind, Chmieliauskas moved all-in and Middleton called. “I’m going to double up!”  Chmieliauskas must have been thinking…. right up to the point Middleton showed him the other pair of kings!

No sick four flush as the board ran out without any demons and the pair chopped up Kramer’s blind.

Ben Middleton 5,255,000

Kilian Kramer 4,760,000

Andrius Chmieliauskas 3,560,000

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