Balogh Post

Sandor Balogh is currently on the rise, his ascent coming, at least partially, as a result of the descent of Mateusz Moolhuizen.

We caught the first hand of note with Balogh and Moolhuizen three-handed with one other player on a board of Qs Th 2c.

Checked to the Dutchman in position, he fired out 1,000 – only for Balogh to check-raise to 2,200. After the sandwiched player in the middle folded, Moolhuizen now three-bet the flop to 5,000 – Balogh quickly throwing in the additional chips.

The Jd on the turn saw both players check with a blank-looking 6h arriving on the river.

Two further checks and Balogh turned over Ah Qs for top, top which proved enough – Moolhuizen mucking his hand to concede the pot.

Next up we saw an undeterred Moolhuizen raise to 700 from middle position – only to face stiff resistance. First Vladimir Valent made it 1,700 from the cut-off but once more Balogh provided the stiffest riposte – making it 4,500 to go from the button. Quick fold from Moolhuizen and Valent also folded to leave Balogh flying high with close to 45,000. Moolhuizen meanwhile is down to 22,000, though he still has plenty of space to work this back up above average…

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