Balogh Comment

Sandor Balogh has continued the impressive upward progress he was making earlier, his stack now reaching toward the six figure mark.

In the last few minutes, we saw Sandor bolster his holdings yet further, raising to 2,200 pre-flop and picking up two callers in the process.

The board of 6h 7d 8h saw him fire out 3,200 – both his opponents folding to leave him even more impressively stacked – with around 85,000 to his name. Could he be the first player to breach 6 figures?

Tablemate Solie Lerviks (one of the post-flop folders in that hand) meanwhile has dropped a few chips since we last saw her, down to just over 40,000. Lerviks explained she only just managed to qualify last week before the event began otherwise she would likely be missing out on the tournament.

It will make a great story if you win Solie. Good luck!

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