Baker Makes Bread

Robert Baker has survived by the skin of his teeth – Alli Mallu the man to suffer a cruel twist of fate as his luck deserted him whilst Baker was simultaneously blessed with good fortune.

We joined the hand on a flop of Qc Js 6c – a shortstacked Baker leading for 1,100, which Mallu now raised to 2,200.

The other players in the hand quickly mucked, leaving Baker to make the call, before jamming his final seven-or-so thousand on the 8s turn.

Mallu snap-called, turning over pocket queens for top set, whilst Baker was going to need a lot of help to survive – his Ac Jc for flopped pair and flush draw a big equity dog with just one card to come.

With limited outs, Baker spiked the Tc on the river however to survive. “Phew” he commented, verbalising the release of inner tension that accompanied this stroke of luck.

Mallu seemed unfazed by the defeat, stacking his remaining 27,000 chips neatly whilst Baker’s engine is back running – his stack run up to a much-healthier 22,000.

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