Baggenstos Bags a Last-Minute Double Up

Sandra Baggenstos was among the very shortest stacks in the room when Maksym Lavrov raised from the cutoff, so Baggenstos duly pushed for 15k total from the button. It folded back around to Lavrov who squirmed for a while, clearly tortured. Eventually he made the call, though, and soon regretted it.

Lavrov: Ac-9d
Baggenstos: Ad-Ts

Board: an unequivocal 7s Jh Td 4c Kc

Baggenstos doubled up to 35k or so. Lavrov was actually still doing slightly better than her at the end of the hand on 40k, but looked like he was suffering.

We’re now tantalisingly close to the end of Day 1a…

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