Bab-Station Off Air (12th - 77,500 Kč, 3,100.00€)

Patryk Bablok has held a big stack at various stages of the event but the good times are behind him as he just played his last at MPNPT Prague – his exit coming as he ran two pair into pocket kings on a J-7-9 board. It looked like a double was in the offing but a 9 on the turn counterfeited his hand and his day was done.

At his table meanwhile Daniel Stacey goes from strength to strength, now at 1,600,000 – his most recent rise courtesy of a war with Alex Clarke, where Clarke (who’s been VERY busy) raised to 55,000, Stacey 3-bet to 149,000, Clarke made it 455,000 and Stacey jammed – Clarke’s cards hitting the muck pretty fast.

Clarke meanwhile drops back under the 7 figure mark with around 850,000.


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