Ay Caramba! Simpson Up to 50k

You can tell that Ian Simpson is only recently arrived here in Bratislava – while the rest of us stalwarts who have been here for the duration are moving perhaps somewhat more slowly than usual owing to the goings on in the various bars etc last night, Simpson is fresh as a daisy this morning, and has indeed already managed to up his stack to around 50k.

I didn’t catch the preflop/flop action but I imagine it was eventful, as by the time I arrived on the turn (board: 6h 3c 8c Qc) Martin Lechner had bet out 4.8k into an already chunky pot. Simpson tanked up for a minute or two and then made the call.

The river was the 4s and this time Lechner bet 9k. After a considerably shorter spell in the tank this time, Simpson made the call – and quickly discovered that his As Ac was good to take the pot. Lechner had been caught out getting jiggy with just Ah Kh (so early in the day for that sort of thing!) and dropped to just 9k; Simpson meanwhile is off to an excellent start on 50k.

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