Assorted Chip Counts

…Incorporating some Well Known Players’ stacks, along with those of our Current Chip Leaders, midway through Level 7. Total Day 1b entries are now up to 200 (farewell, sweet overlay dream!), of whom 145 players are currently seated with some sort of stack.

Phil Huxley 110,000
Andrej Cintula 110,000
Andreis Swart 105,000
Will Dorey 95,000
Someone listed on his reg form only as “Stak” 90,000
Mantas Urbonas 90,000
Mikael Johansson 75,000
Ian Simpson 62,000
David Lappin 57,000
Monika Zukowicz 39,000
Dara O’Kearney 34,000
Andy Hills 24,000

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