Antti Hero

Our beloved media coordinator just witnessed the hand of the day; it went like so:

With the board reading Qs-5c-4s-Th, Jarkko Pennanen led for 120k. On the button, Antti Halme (who, if you recall, finalled MPNPT Tallinn back in November) flat-called and they moved on to the river.

The river was the Ac and Pennanen now bet enough to set Halme in. Halme had 370k or so left in his stack by now – not a big stack by any means, but still pretty playable at 10k/20k. Nevertheless, he called all in. “I don’t have anything,” Pennanen told him. He wasn’t wrong.

Pennanen: totally at it with 6c-9d
Halme: 5s-6d

Halme had totally just called all in with nothing more than a pair of fives, and had been rewarded with a full double up. In the parlance: SICKKKK.

With just under a million in chips, Halme is now looking pretty good to make back-to-back MPNPT Main Event finals. Pennanen is down to just a few hundred thousand.

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