Aleksandrovs Leads Guarantee-Smashing Day 1B Field

Day 1B of MPNPT Tallinn proved to be a fascinating day – a giant horde of poker hopefuls swarming into the Hilton Park Tallinn Hotel to take their shot at the title. The poker room was thick with talent and bubbling with enthusiasm – evidenced by the huge number of entries – 416, trimmed efficiently to 131 by the close of play. There were so many re-entries, even the Hilton’s ATM machines struggled to keep – running dry of notes before the close of play!

The fulsome attendance meant the pre-tournament prizepool guarantee of €150,000 was handily eclipsed. When the final numbers are tallied following the close of registration tomorrow – there will be in excess of €250,000 to play for. How exciting!

At the close, it was Maxsims Aleksandrovs who had surfed the waves of variance with the accomplished skill of a veteran – reaching 249,800 to head the field once the chips were bagged and tagged. Snapping at his heels were Thanh Doan (212,700) and Sami Turpeenoja (199,900) in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Despite their creditable efforts, they will all lag behind the gargantuan stack established by Day 1A chip leader, NordicBet qualifier Terje Torstensen, whose 357,200 will see him return on Day 2 as the man they are all looking to chase down.

With such a sizeable field, the stories were naturally plentiful. Estonian Ranno Sootla, last year’s winner, looked unlikely to emulate that feat this year as rebuy after rebuy fell on stony ground. Finally though, his class shone through as his rebuy number five gained traction – Sootla finishing the day with a very respectable double-average stack of 153,000. “Never give up,” he advised with a knowing wink. Take note, this man knows his stuff.

Tour regular Julie Whitworth had a wonderful day – good fortune and canny play combining to leave her perched in the upper echelons of the counts with 137,300. “I’m enjoying this so much!” she gushed effusively at the close. That’s the kind of enthusiasm we love to see.

Twitch streamer and fan favourite Monika Zukowicz had a difficult day, but her patient approach was rewarded as she chipped up to an above average 76,000 by the close of play. Her end of day smile told its own story.

The 131 survivors from Day 1B will return tomorrow to coalesce with the survivors of Day 1A and battle it out for the right to play out the final table and be crowned champion.

The combined chip counts from Days 1A and 1B can be viewed below.

Day 2 will begin at the later time of 13:00 and we feel confident another epic day of poker beckons. Prizepool and seat draw information will be released as we receive it tomorrow.

For now though, that is all she wrote. Thanks for following and we hope you join us as we continue the journey toward crowning the latest MPNPT Champ. See you then. Sleep well poker fans!

Name Chips
Terje Torstensen 357,200
Maksims Aleksandrovs 249,800
Alexey Manuyko 231,400
Janis Zablovskis 216,300
Thanh Doan 212,700
Ermo Kosk 201,700
Sami Turpeenoja 199,900
Roland Luik 189,600
Nicholas Gilbert 170,900
Kari-Matti Tallgren 169,300
Veli-Pekka Alakorva 168,100
Joakim Zeijlon 163,800
Antti Halme 162,400
Jari Saviaho 162,200
Dace Punka 159,600
Igor Pihela Sr 155,800
Vambo Laud 154,300
Ranno Sootla 153,000
Tanel Taaler 152,000
Aleksei Vandyshev 151,300
Juha Ovaskainen 150,700
Raigo Lepp 148,300
Villu Metsur 143,600
Dwayne Sluis 143,300
German Tuisk 141,800
Daragh Davey 140,900
Raimondas Zilenas 140,300
Marko Liblik 139,000
Julie Whitworth 137,300
Danel Kunman 135,000
Igor Pihela Jr 135,000
Anders Varisew 130,200
Petter Karstad 127,000
Davis Modans 119,500
Leo Pietila 118,600
Linus Elmes 113,700
Gediminas Kareckas 113,700
Andres Tammjarn 111,700
Lauri Laast 110,600
Heikki Hohtala 109,400
Manuel Sadornil 105,400
Benny Hagberg 103,500
Sander Laprik 102,600
Jari Hurri 101,800
Sigve Sandsmark 99,200
Stanislav Smeljov 98,600
Sergey Luchishin 97,800
Urmo Velvelt 97,200
Andres Abakanov 94,000
Deividas Kvaselis 91,700
Tonu Koiv 90,600
Rami Aleksi Himanen 90,400
Janek Tammsaar 88,900
Priit Vanem 88,100
Mariusz Lewonewski 87,800
Morten Lie 87,200
Andreas Kaju 86,200
Richard Clarke 84,100
Artur Jarovoy 84,100
Edgars Strupka 83,600
Jaanus Veste 82,800
Toni Samuli Vuolle 82,800
Mykhailo Lohvinenko 82,700
David tabach 82,100
Toomas Linnamägi 82,100
Raigo Aasmaa 81,500
Martin Mand 78,600
Andres Allsalu 78,500
Andrejs Perederejevs 78,400
Cristopher Pajesø 78,200
Lehar Linno 78,200
Dmitri Gaskov 76,900
Monika Zukowicz 76,700
Andrejs Stepanovs 75,400
Vladimir Iljunin 75,000
Henri Kasper 75,000
Roman Perevostsikov 72,400
Viacheslav Sultanov 71,200
Massoud Assaf 71,200
Mantas Urbonas 71,100
Aleksei Karev 70,900
Einard Urmo 68,400
Kristo Klassen 68,000
Jon Kyte 66,900
Johan Lindqvist 66,800
Koit Kann 66,200
Andreas Wiborg 66,200
Thomas Saxer 66,000
Kris Gatos 61,500
Pavel Osapenko 61,000
Juho Sallinen 59,500
Keimo Suominen 58,900
Tõnis Linnamägi 57,300
Henri P. T. Keskinen 56,500
Jussi Mattila 56,300
Kasper Mellanen 55,800
Meelis Suurorg 55,600
Pekka Virtanen 55,600
Panu Kankkunen 54,200
Markku Koplimaa 54,100
Oskar Väli 53,900
Roni Pakkala 53,600
Hai Hoang 52,800
Aleksandr Arutjunov 52,100
Remo Ojaste 51,200
Mariusz Filosek 50,600
Bjoern Sanne 50,300
Virgo Laansoo 49,600
Eriks Garbulis 49,500
Danylo Khayet 49,300
Jari-Pekka Juhola 47,600
Henri Ovaska 47,600
Teemu Leppälahti 47,500
Kennet Iva 47,500
Ernst Peter Solem 47,300
Matthias Lingnau 46,700
Emils Daugava 46,700
Teppo Joentausta 46,500
Aleksei Smirnov 46,400
Reidar Sveen 46,300
Ville Jantunen 44,800
Oleg Egorov 44,500
Alan Hayter 44,300
David Lappin 43,000
Johannes de Hond 42,800
Tapio Vihakas 42,300
Jurijs Hlibovs 41,600
Vatch Wartanian 41,500
Rauno Tahvonen 41,100
Kaspars Renga 40,900
Juho Luoma 39,900
Pyry Kekäläinen 39,700
Watinee Chataisong 39,300
Stanislav Ivanov 39,200
Pauls Kebess 37,000
Richard Ward 36,800
Jurijs Binkler 36,200
Johan Goslings 34,200
Pekka Ikonen 32,900
Sergei Oganesjan 31,000
Remy Rhede 29,700
Kristjan Sotnik 29,300
Aleksandr Gorodetskii 29,200
Manuel Luque 28,500
Lars Jurgens 27,000
James Walsh 26,500
Joonatan Vuotela 26,300
Quoc Dinh Nguyen 25,000
Gabor Krecso 24,800
Hanno Liiva 22,900
David Mildenberg 17,200
Kristian Fredrik Hjerkinn 17,000
Mika Tapani Lähteenmäki 15,200
Ismo Kero 14,000
Juha Toivonen 12,700
Matthias Tikerpe 11,300

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