Akib Picks Up Value

Abdelkrim Akib, Michelle Morland and Milan Milincic just contested a pot, Akib holding position on the latter two.

The board of Kd Th 6s saw Morland and Milincic check to Akib, who fired out 900. Call, call.

The 5d on the turn saw the action replicated, check, check, 900, call, call.

Finally the Ts hit the river and once more Morland and Milincic checked to Akib, who again fire out 900, though the repeating pattern was altered this time, as Morland folded, though Milincic again made the call.

Akib turned out Q-T for rivered trips – which was good.

Milincic mucked but communicated to us he wanted a big of coverage. Here you are Mr Milincic! I hope next time we can find a pot you win instead 🙂

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