Aebi Back (Although No Longer This Cheerful)

Dieter Aebi, taking a second shot at MPNPT glory after busting Day 1a yesterday, is not having a super great time of it. The photo is from early yesterday. Just now I saw him min-raising preflop and getting a call from Jouni Hakosalo, before Daniel Stacey reraised from the button. Aebi four-bet, which got rid of Hakosalo, but Stacey called, and they went heads up to the 4s 3d Qd flop.

Aebi bet out 2k and Stacey made the call, leading them to an 8d turn which they both checked. They proceeded to the river – the 6s – and Aebi now bet out a modest 1.5k. Stacey flat-called, and Aebi matter-of-factly turned over Jd-Qc for top pair, but his face fell when Stacey revealed 5s-7s for the sneakiest of runner-runner gutshots.

Stacey is up to around 30k after that; Aebi meanwhile is down to 16k and looks quite unhappy about it.

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