Adamson Sends Urbonas on his way

A tough call for Julian Adamson moments ago – but you can’t earn your poker spurs without making a tough call once in a while.

We joined Adamson facing off against Mantas Urbonas on the river of a 3h 9d 9c 4s Qd board – Adamson leading out for 11475 – Urbonas mulling it over and getting a stack count before finally announcing all-in for around another 30,000.

Adamson to his credit seemed to have some sort of dead-eye read.

“I think you’re full of ****” he fired instantly. “I think I’m calling.” He did some mental caculations, had a little ponder, then made the call with pocket jacks.

A bit of a hero call, but his heroics were rewarded as Urbonas showed him As 5s. He collected a monster pot to move to around 100,000. Urbonas collected his coat and headed rail-wards.

“I wish I could dissect hands like that,” commented tablemate Clarke with maybe a touch of wistful envy. “The feeling when you tell someone they’re full of it and have it right is so great.”

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