Aarts Wins Battle of the Draws

Jerden Aarts must have had his heart in his mouth moments ago as he found himself in a preflop all-in situation with  Jan Kytlka for his entire 30-odd thousand stack.

Aarts had gone for it with a big draw – Ks Js on an Ah 3s 4s giving him the second nut flush draw, but there were more than a few hands that could have had him with significantly less equity than the 5s 6s – open -ended straight flush draw – Kytlka actually tabled.

As it turned out, things could hardly be better for Aarts, whose king-high had 56% equity and his advantage held as the board ran out the Td Kc to ensure he turned this 56% edge into 100% by the close of the hand.

Aarts moves to 68,000 – well above the 40,268 average at this point whilst Kyltka has to decide whether to fire another bullet or perhaps think about playing the €100+10 Win The Button comp coming up shortly.

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