A Slice of the Action

We just whizzed round the tournament arena, trawled through it with our metaphorical journalistic nets and scooped up as many juicy tidbits as we could.

Here’s what we found.

Vincent Caliente(pictured) – Looking bronzed and a touch weary after a long, warm day, Caliente – a recent emigrant from the UK to Malta – has stayed the course of the day relatively well and has 58,000 to his name with the finish line in sight.

Ben Middleton, runner-up at MPNPT Vienna, is on 94,000 and looks set to have a potential deep-run here as well.

Dara O’Kearney has had a fruitful day, up to 145,000.

Jonathan Bowers has been quietly accumulating chips in highly efficient style and may well be the chip leader with 275,000.

Mats Karlsson has 145,000 and a repertoire of skils to cause any players who cross him problems whilst poker twitcher Monika Zukowicz has a low-but-still-workable 52,000.

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