The Karlsson Krush

Seasoned campaigner Swede Mats Karlsson has seen and done it all before. Karlsson has innumerable cashes in live poker tournaments – a tough competitor all round – having most recently secured his best cash – an EPT Main Event runner-up spot in Malta.

Clearly in form, he is going well here, up to 50,000 already. He knows how to apply pressure and he did so moments ago against Danijel Kucurski. Karlsson raised to 1,300 from late position and Kucurski peeled from the big blind for the additional 700 chips.

The board fell Td 6c 3s and the action went check, check.

The 9h turn saw Kucurski bet out 2,000. Karlsson called.

The river was the 6s and Kucurski fired out another 2,500. Karlsson went into the tank, rubbing his chin, finally picking up a huge stack of 5k chips and setting his opponent all-in decisively.

Kucurski re-checked his hole cards, then threw¬† his hand away – down to 16,000 or so. Karlsson marches onward and upward…

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