Kramer Leads Last 14 of MPNPT Vienna Main Event

We returned for Day 2 of the MPNPT Vienna Main Event today at the Montesino casino and it proved compelling throughout.

Both Day 1 flights and a few last minute registrants were merged into a seamless 156-strong field to take to the felt and battle to earn their final table berth. Ten brutally contested levels later, the field had been sliced, diced and shorn down to just 14 players still in contention for MPNPT glory.

Leading this tightly-bunched pack at the close was Kilian Kramer with 2,070,000 – the laid back German wielding a big stack throughout most of the day with skill and practised expertise.

Before we reached the close however, there were a number of key issues to be settled at the felt. Sixty-two players were destined to get a cash return for their efforts in the tournament and the early stages saw an avalanche of eliminations, aggressive play dominating as a multitude of hopefuls were bounced to the rail.

As a result, the bubble period was reached quickly and the man to suffer the actual bubble was Michael Welland – missing out on a payspot by the narrowest sliver, his misfortune was tempered somewhat with the news that he had earned a seat at the MPNPT Malta Main Event.

Interestingly, the man who bubbled this event last year, Severin Schleser, was the first man to be eliminated INSIDE the money this year! Some beautifully elegant symmetrical justice delivered.

Following the bubble, there was a more cautious, intense period of poker, bustouts at a premium surprisingly. A continuous trickle of eliminations however meant that after ten levels, just 14 players were left battling for the title.

Here’s how those 14 will line up when they return tomorrow to do battle for the title.

Kramer Kilian GER 2,070,000
Yarovoy Artur RUS 1,883,000
Marjanovic Adem AUT 1,419,000
Valasky Juraj SVK 1,228,000
Maher Marko SLO 1,179,000
Chmieliauskas Andrius LIT 1,061,000
Middleton Ben ENG 1,014,000
Van den Berg Arjan NED 875,000
Moser Alexander AUT 579,000
Bartalos Josef SVK 578,000
Brandsoy Dani NOR 577,000
Slavik Zdenko SVK 563,000
Tatar Marek SVK 495,000
Hubalek Johannes AUT 176,000

We’ll be back at 14:00 local time to play down to winner. Don’t miss out – it should be good fun!

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