Face of Pain

Although poker players are famed for their ability to suppress emotion in the heat of battle and are taught to treat wins and losses with indifference, this is no easy feat.

Sometimes you can look at players’ faces and see the story of the cards reflected with unerring accuracy in their expressions.

So it was with Fahs Belhadfa and Dimitrios Nanos moments ago, the pair experiencing contrasting fortunes as a brutal cooler of a flop came down and the pair went to war.

The board was a wet-looking Js Td 6d and both players backed their holdings with their stacks, which was no surprise when their cards were revealed.

Nanos turned up Ts Jc for top two, but grimaced and looked pained as his opponent Belhadfa showed down 6-6 for a flopped set!

Smiles for Belhadfa – and his healthy edge and merry countenance remained over the 3s 8c turn and river. The pot was shipped to him and Nanos glumly assessed the damage to his stack – he was down to 29,575. Belhadfa meanwhile was up over 40,000.

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