32Red Qualifier Diego Catalan Eliminates Jon Kyte

Jon Kyte was down to 6,700 chips after getting coolered on a bit pot of 55,000. The rest of his chips just went to 32Red Qualifier Diego Domingo Catalan.

The action folded around to Catalan in the small blind who limped into Kyte in the big blind. Kyte jacked it up to 400 and Catalan called.

Catalan check-called a bet of 400 from Kyte after the flop came [KcTd8h]. Catalan checked again after the [8s] paired the board. Kyte bet 1,200 before he called a raise to 3,000 from Catalan.

The [4d] completed the board on the river and Catalan jammed his near opening stack. Kyte had 3,200 and already got out of his seat before he called.

Kyte quickly turned over [AcKs] for two-pair and shared he was going to reenter after his Catalan turned over [8c2c] for trip eights.

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