Bog Down

The latest player to hit the rail is Jevgeni Bogatõrjov, who moved in with Th Td and, following a long spell in the tank, was called by Aleksei Logachev holding Kd Jc.

The board rolled out an unequivocal Kh Ks 4d 5s 2s, sending the roughly 45k pot to Logachev while Bogatõrjov headed for the bar, while MPNPT Bratislava runner up Jussi Mattila repeatedly and unhelpfully bellowed, “Good call!” at Logachev.

Other players who have bitten the tournament dust in the past level or two:

  • Edgaras Bucinskas
  • Espen Jørstad (again)
  • Tonis Viik
  • Johannes de Hond
  • Siiri Saar
  • Andreas Lars Tano

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