Vadenbrings The Noise

Nils Vadenbring just played out a big pot with Denino Gill. Vadenbring opened to 375,000 from early position and Gill defended his big blind.

The flop fell [7s 4d 7d] – Gill checked and Vadenbring fired 400,000. Call.

Turn: [8d]

Check from Gill, 625,000 from Vadenbring and after a short pause for contemplation – Gill shoved – covering Vadenbring’s remaining 3.6 million or so.

Snap call from Vadenbring and Gill gave out a strangled scream as he saw [Jd Qd] tabled – superior to his own hand [Ks 7c] for flopped trips. The [6h] brick on the riverĀ  keptĀ Vadenbring ahead and he moves to 7.5 million whilst Gill drops to around 3 million.

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