Old School Poker

Will Ferrell

Ole Nedreboe and the man some have dubbed “The Will Ferrell” of poker(*) – Oloph Wernersson – just played out a small pot in a classic late position/blind defence situation.

With the blinds at 300/600, Nedreboe raised to 1,275 from the cut-off and Wernersson defended from the big blind. The board fell [2c 4s 3h] and Wernersson check-called one bet before check-folding as Nedreboe bet 2,500 on the [As] turn.

It proved a wise fold as Wernersson showed him [As 5c] for a flopped straight!

“I can feel it down in my plums”(**) Wernersson explained, justifying his call. That hand left him on 37,000 whilst  Nedreboe rises to 34,000. Neither are threatening the leaders but they both have at least improved on their start of day chip stacks.


Oloph Wernersson

(* We’ll let you decide on the resemblance based on photos of the pair.

**Quote may have been substituted in from a Will Ferrell film.)

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